December 06
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The protection of rights for individuals forcibly displaced from Nagorno-Karabakh remains a top priority for the Human Rights Defender's (HRD) office. Starting on September 24, Defender Anahit Manasyan and HRD representatives visited registration centers in Kornidzor, Vayk, and Goris to assess the situation concerning the rights of those forcibly displaced due to actions by Azerbaijan, as reported by the RA HRD office.

During their visits, the HRD and her representatives conducted personal interviews with approximately 350 forcibly displaced persons. They observed and resolved several problems on the spot, relating to various aspects such as reception processes for the displaced individuals, registration procedures, accommodation, provision of basic necessities, and hygiene items.

The HRD emphasized the importance of improving support for vulnerable groups, especially ensuring accessible procedures for individuals with disabilities and organizing specialized services tailored to the age-specific characteristics and needs of children.

To support the realization of the rights of forcibly displaced persons, the HRD's staff has been continuously investigating alarms and complaints received on the hotline numbers around the clock since September 24. They have also been monitoring and summarizing local and international press as well as social media publications, including Azerbaijani sources.

During this period, about 2,000 alarms were studied, mostly related to issues such as accommodation, warm clothing, food, hygiene items, childcare items, and access to information about the fate of relatives, medical assistance, and more.

The HRD notes that most of the problems presented were addressed and resolved through collaboration with competent bodies, organizations, and individuals. However, the HRD emphasizes the need for systemic solutions to address these issues more comprehensively.

Furthermore, the HRD's staff continues to monitor Azerbaijani media for any calls for violence against ethnic Armenians, particularly targeting women and children, as well as any propaganda promoting hatred and hostility. The collected information has been shared with international partners. The findings from the ongoing fact-finding work will also be presented to international partners and relevant authorities.

The HRD's office remains committed to ensuring the rights of people forcibly displaced from Nagorno-Karabakh and will continue to work tirelessly to address and resolve the issues faced by these individuals.

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