December 06
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During the final days of the forced deportation of citizens from Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh), all individuals who were under preliminary detention have been released, according to sources of This includes individuals like Samvel Balayan, the former head of the information and public relations department of the State Minister of Armenia, who was charged with treason, head of the Russian language department of the Artsakh president's office, host of Artsakh Public Radio Seyran Karapetyan, who was also charged with treason, and Arman Israelyan, who faced accusations of treason through espionage.

While these individuals did not accept the charges against them, their cases have not been dismissed, and the future course of action remains unclear. Restraining orders against Arman Israelyan and Samvel Balayan were changed to non-custodial suspension between September 25-26. Seyran Karapetyan was also released, although it's not clear whether this was due to a court decision.

It's worth noting that until 2020, there was only one prison in Artsakh, located in Shushi. After Shushi came under Azerbaijani control in 2020, the inmates from Shushi prison were transferred to Armenian penitentiaries. Some individuals from Artsakh were still held in Armenian penitentiaries after 2020, but there are no detainees or convicts among those forcibly displaced from Artsakh.

According to Mariam Melkumyan, the spokesperson for the RA Justice Minister, there were no transfers of arrested or convicted persons from Nagorno-Karabakh to the relevant institutions of the penal service of the RA Ministry of Justice in September 2023.

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