April 18
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The Statistical Committee of Armenia has for the first time published the data on the registrations of entries and exits through the Margara checkpoint of Armenian’s border with Turkey. Armenian learns about this by studying the official indicators on the movements of Armenia’s population posted on the website of the Statistical Committee.

Accordingly, in January-September of this year, 38 persons holding Armenian passports entered and 10 others left Armenia through the Margara checkpoint. This indicator most likely reflects the number of Armenian truckers who transported humanitarian cargo via the aforementioned checkpoint after the devastating earthquake that hit Turkey in February, as well as the number Armenian rescuers who returned to Armenia.

During the previous decades, no entries and exits were recorded through the Margara border checkpoint.

This spring, a territory of the Margara village checkpoint was transferred to the management of the State Revenue Committee of Armenia. Taking into account that the former customs building of Margara village is not operational, the Armenian authorities are building a new checkpoint, the construction of which is nearing completion.

In 1993, Turkey unilaterally closed the land border with Armenia. Despite the diplomatic efforts made by the Armenian authorities, the Armenian-Turkish border remains officially closed to this day.

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