April 24
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As of now, it is still not obvious or clear whether Azerbaijan agrees, reaffirms to sign a peace agreement with Armenia based on three principles or not, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said at a live press conference.

"The first of these principles is the following, that Armenia and Azerbaijan recognize each other's territorial integrity, with the understanding that Armenia's territory is 29,800 square kilometers, Azerbaijan's is 86,600 square kilometers.

The second principle is that the basis of delimitation is the Almaty Declaration. That declaration is the justification why we say that the titular territory of Armenia is 29,800 square kilometers. Because RA was formed on the territory of the Armenian SSR. An understanding was reached that the maps of the General Staff of the USSR Armed Forces of 1974-1990 should be used for the delimitation of the borders of Armenia and Azerbaijan. These nuances need to be refined.

The third principle is that communications between the two countries should be opened respecting the jurisdiction and sovereignty of the countries, based on the principle of reciprocity and equality.

We cannot confidently claim that Azerbaijan refuses to sign a peace treaty based on those three principles. However, we also cannot say that Azerbaijan reaffirms its loyalty to those three principles. There is a need to clarify these issues during the negotiations. As you saw, such a discussion, at least regarding maps and borders, is planned for November 30, in the format of demarcation commissions.

We will draw conclusions from those discussions, and if there are other negotiations, we will also draw conclusions from them whether Azerbaijan is ready to go to negotiations on the basis of those principles or refuses those principles.

The fact is that we do not have such confidence until now. Although Azerbaijan made a statement that Azerbaijan recognizes the territorial integrity of Armenia. But here we need specifics on what they mean by the territorial integrity of the Republic of Armenia. The clarification of these issues is the main task of the upcoming negotiation processes," Pashinyan stated.



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