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Whether or not we will change the constitution of Armenia is our internal matter. Gevorg Papoyan, an MP of the ruling majority Civil Contract Faction and Chair of Standing Committee on Financial-Credit and Budgetary Affairs, on Monday told this to reporters in the National Assembly (NA) of Armenia—and referring to the fact that Azerbaijan continues to demand from Armenia to change its constitution, where, in their opinion, there are territorial aspirations towards Azerbaijan.

"There are very clear entities to change the constitution of Armenia, to make changes there, which in some cases can make those changes. Any of those entities will decide to use that right, it will make such a proposal to the constituent; that is, to the people, and the people will decide if they want, they will change, if they don't want, they won't change [it]. (…). It can't have anything to do with the demands of any country, it's unacceptable, it can't happen, and it certainly won't happen like that," Papoyan said.

To the question whether all the provisions with which Azerbaijan sees problems will be changed, Papoyan did not give a clear answer, stating: "If a mass of more than 25 percent of people with voting rights gather in Armenia and the voting of that mass is 50+ percent in favor, then the constitution will be changed or constitutional changes will take place of Armenia. (…). This means that the people will change the constitution in Armenia. And if there will be such a thing that the people have a problem with, they will not vote for it."

He emphasized that after 2018, elections have not been rigged and will not be rigged in Armenia.

"If the constitution is changed by referendum, we all have to be at peace with it; if it is not adopted, we have to be at peace again. It is impermissible for even one vote to be rigged, and it should not be rigged," he said, in particular.

When asked whether the people have asked to change the constitution, the Armenian ruling force MP noted again that there are entities to change a constitution, among which are the people, the NA, etc.

"The important thing is not that, but that the people will decide. (…). Now the voice of the people can be heard," he added.

And regarding the remark that if the Armenian people vote against a new constitution, Azerbaijan will realize that the people of Armenia are against the removal—from the current constitution—of the well-known reference to the Declaration of Independence, and whether this will deter Baku or vice versa, Papoyan said. "They are interconnected matters."

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