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The Armenia-US-EU high-level meeting in Brussels on April 5 had no security subtext and agenda. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated this in his address Wednesday during the parliamentary debates on the performance of the Armenian government in 2023.

"But it is obvious that the EU, the US would never agree to provide economic, political, and economic assistance to Armenia if they considered our policy to be aggressive. The subtext of the meeting in Brussels on April 5 is as follows: all efforts to present Armenia in the West as a state pursuing an aggressive policy are disappearing. And the actual meeting in Brussels was unprecedented, both in format and content.

According to the results of the high-level meeting, the EU and the US express political support for Armenia's sovereignty, democracy, territorial integrity, the stable, peaceful, safe, democratic, and prosperous future of Armenia and the region," said Pashinyan.

"The EU and the US have expressed readiness to expand cooperation with Armenia in such domains as political reforms, economic development, mobility, effective governance, effective law enforcement, trade, communication, agriculture, energy—including nuclear energy, technologies, aviation security. They emphasized that they intend to provide additional support, help Armenia mitigate risks, diversify trade, strengthen economic and institutional resilience. They said that they will support strategic investments in Armenia. It is no less important that the EU and the US have welcomed and supported our Crossroads of Peace initiative," the Armenian PM stressed.

He noted that the meeting in Brussels was not about the EU and the US coming and solving Armenia's problems.

"I consider it important to voice this because sometimes artificial and sometimes not artificial expectations are formed at us that some friends or allies should come and solve our problems," he said.

According to Pashinyan, Armenians must strengthen the awareness that they themselves must solve all their problems.

"Those are our problems. By the way, this is the psychological formula of sovereignty because sovereignty means awareness of one's own problems and willingness to solve them," added the Armenian premier.

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