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TBILISI. – Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili was following the jury in the court during the hearings on brutal murder case of the Minasyan family, which occurred 17 years ago.

The President talked to the representatives of the Minasyan family. He stated that it was the first case with the participation of jury in Georgia, and its fair ending was too important.

Saakashvili stated that the accused will not escape punishment. “The truth was on your side and I was sure in it,” the President said, Georgia-Online reports. 

Tbilisi’s court with the participation of the jury completed the consideration of the case on the murder of the Armenian family and announced a final verdict on Thursday.

The case concerns the murder of Nshan and Flora Minasyan, their son Vazgen and his sister Gayane and a minor child. The defendant of the case is Revaz Demetrashvili.

The 17-year-old case of the triple murder was solved in the beginning of September of the current year. At that time Georgia announced three people concerned with the case - Gregori Atarashvili, Revaz Dematrashvili and Alexander Revazeshfili.

 According to the investigation, the above mentioned men kidnapped Vazgen Minasyaan and freed him only after his family paid $15 million provided that during a few days they had to pay $150 million. But some time later they decided to kill the Minasyan family members in order to hide the kidnapping fact.


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