July 16
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The police threw the light grenades primarily at people sitting quietly in the park, says Alisa Gevorgyan, mother of soldier Davit Gevorgyan, who was martyred in the 44-day war, to According to her, the police did this deliberately so that Pashinyan would leave the National Assembly.

"They created that agitation so that Nikol would run away," declared Alisa Gevorgyan.

She was also injured during the clash between the police and the protesters at the intersection of Baghramyan Avenue and Demirchyan Street. "Before the first big collision, I felt bad and sat down to rest, but when the struggle started, I couldn't get up. I was trampled under the feet of people and policemen. Many people like me were on the ground, trampled," she said.

Gevorgyan did not receive serious injuries, only slight scratches, and her clothes were torn.

Earlier, reported that during the gathering on Baghramyan Avenue, tensions escalated, leading to clashes between demonstrators and the police. The police used sound grenades, resulting in many injuries, including one citizen whose hand was cut off. Journalists and policemen were also injured.

Police Chief Aram Hovhannisyan noted that glass bottles were thrown at the police, resulting in casualties among them.

According to the Ministry of Health, 79 civilians and police officers sought medical help following the events on Baghramyan Avenue. They are receiving the necessary medical care. One patient with a wrist injury is undergoing surgery. There are no other seriously injured individuals.

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