July 16
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The participants of the "Tavush for the Homeland" movement have not the slightest desire to seize buildings or break through police cordons, according to Archbishop Bagrat Galstanyan, leader of the movement.

“This senseless security has neither meaning nor value. Our goal is singular: to hold the liar accountable and achieve his resignation," he stated at the government building.

“We are not going to retreat, so let him think. Today you showed your will. They thought that by using grenades they would force you to retreat, but the opposite happened,” the archbishop noted. He emphasized that the current head of the country sent the police against the people, but this will no longer happen.

“What happened today is the last refuge of this man. Throwing light and sound grenades and using special means against people standing in the park—this is unacceptable. Abraham Gasparyan suffered a head injury and concussion; one of the guys had his hand cut off. All this happened before our eyes in defense of the supreme liar, a coward, who said that if he wanted, he would have ordered me to be thrown into the trunk and brought in. He might end up fleeing the country himself,” the archbishop said. After the rally near the government building, the protesters returned to Baghramyan Avenue.

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