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French publication Le Point has published an open letter from a number of prominent French figures to French President Emmanuel Macron, urging him to send French troops to Armenia.

"We especially thank you for your initiative to provide military assistance of a defensive nature to this state, authorizing the supply of certain weapons as well as the training of Armenian soldiers in our best schools.

But unfortunately, it is to be feared that these efforts will not be enough to induce the Aliyev regime to abandon its expansionist and criminal projects. With real military superiority, acquired in particular thanks to its gas and oil revenues and the support of the Turkish state, Azerbaijan is more than ever tempted by the possibility of military escalation," the letter of the figures to Macron reads.

The authors of the letter emphasized that a dangerous situation is emerging for Armenia, "bordering on the risk of total annihilation, one hundred years after the 1915 genocide."

"This great possibility, if it were to come true, would not only be an absolute disaster for our brothers in Armenia, a country so close to us in its history and its values; it would be a terrible failure for humanity and, consequently, for France, Europe and all the powers that seek to respect international law and defeat force with justice," the French figures emphasize in their letter.

"Mr. President of the Republic, if the situation seems serious enough to alert you, there is always hope until the worst happens. Therefore, we believe that there is still time to avert danger on this front by showing an example of even stronger mobilization with Armenia. That is why, in these lines, we call for the dispatch of French armed forces to this brotherly country. A peaceful contingent whose effective presence will be aimed at deterring those who are thinking of attacking Armenia," the French figures wrote to Macron.

The letter was signed by dozens of well-known figures from different spheres.

In particular, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, philosopher Elisabeth Badinter, former Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs Bernard Kouchner, President of the Ile-de-France region Valerie Pecresse, MEPs Francois-Xavier Bellamy, Nathalie Loiseau, Jean-Marc Germain, Montpellier Mayor Michael Delafosse and others signed the letter.

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