July 25
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The incident that took place in the area of the Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) representative office in Armenia on June 21 highlighted the fact that the current authorities of Armenia have crossed the line of both legal and moral values. Four factions of the Artsakh National Assembly have noted this in a statement they issued Monday.

The statement continues as follows: "This kind of treatment towards Artsakh is a continuation of the repressions carried out [in Yerevan] a few days ago, on June 12, which proves that for the sake of maintaining power, they are ready to violate the country's Constitution and, using disproportionate force and special measures against their own people, they have questioned the democracy of the Republic of Armenia [(RA)] and commitment to be a legal state. Such phenomena are unacceptable and strictly condemnable for us.

The RA authorities have been targeting various groups and individuals of Artsakh under the guise of democracy for a long time already, applying repression, discriminatory treatment against them, using the divisive vocabulary of ‘from Armenia-from Karabakh.’

In such conditions, we consider it appropriate to send a word of gratitude to thousands of our RA compatriots who, disregarding the artificially created dividing lines, did everything to ease the moral-psychological and physical pain of Artsakh Armenians during the past nine months—during the difficult days for us.

All those actions, statements, and speeches that undermine public solidarity and insult the dignity of Artsakh’s Armenians, which are manifested not only through real or fake users widely spread on social networks, but also from the podium of the RA National Assembly, voiced by representatives of the ruling political power, are dangerous and unacceptable.

The struggle for the homeland and national dignity is the inalienable right of every citizen, of all peoples, so we demand that the RA authorities refrain from insidious and dangerous manifestations of sowing violence, hatred, and enmity."

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