June 13
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YEREVAN. – Armenia is a gate between West and East. European family shares the same roots, heritage, and destiny with Armenia, European People’s Party (EPP) President Wilfried Martens said in Marseille, France on Wednesday.

Turning to the Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan, Martens said that Sargsyan participates in the congress in a day which is important to history of Armenia. December 7 is a remembrance day of earthquake, which occurred in Armenia in 1988. I remember spirit of solidarity which came forward; the same solidarity will be found with European family as well, Martens stressed.

Martens also touched upon the initiative, which Armenia takes in the region, in particular normalization of the relations with Turkey.

Head of the EPP believes that ruling Republican Party of Armenia, ruling coalition member Orinats Yerkir and parliamentary oppositional Heritage party may soon become EPP’s constructive partners.

Having pleasure to welcome the Armenian President to the summit of heads of states and governments, Martens presented to Sargsyan EPP party member pin. Meantime he invited the President to participate in the summit on Thursday. Serzh Sargsyan is invited for the congress as a special guest.

EPP features 72 parties from 26 member-states, which are not included in EU.

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