December 11
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YEREVAN.- Governor of Armenia’s Syunik region Suren Khachatryan is once again involved in a scandal.

Ecology activists Mariam Surkhudyan accused him of voicing threats against her. “Unless you are silent, you will have problems,” he said, ecologist Yeghia Nersisyan told journalists on Tuesday.

Ecologists commented on the situation in Kajaran village where Zangezur Copper-Molybdenum Plant is located.

The Kajaran villagers say their prefect is being forced to sign under an agreement whereby the Zangezur Copper-Molybdenum Plant will be given the village’s lands which, by the Government’s decision, were declared eminent domain. The perfect was summoned to police, he told Armenian

The village residents demand that the aforesaid decision be declared null and void, and they refuse to sign the document on relinquishing the lands, declaring this means a forced evacuation of the entire village.

Yeghia Nersisyan said that the videos shot by ecologists will be released soon and will show the truth.   

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