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YEREVAN. – Reflecting on Armenian Police Chief Vladimir Gasparyan’s statement that the political party affiliation and the “thickness” of the detained criminals are not important, in an interview with Aravot daily, the ruling coalition’s Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP) MP Vardan Bostanjyan said: “Are there no ‘thick ones’ in other [political] parties?’ Is a man guilty for being ‘thick,’ for having a physical discomfort, or for whether he has no brain?”   

“In the MP’s words, in the recent times the agitators are constantly exploiting the arrests of PAP criminals. ‘In line with the statistics, only 10 percent of the 100-percent arrests are as if PAP members. The agitators do not speak about that 90 percent; they speak about the 10 percent and [thus] create a false impression that the Police Force is after PAP. All agitators, those petty, rubbish political forces are squalid,’ Vardan Bostanjyan said,” Aravot writes.

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