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YEREVAN. - With the adoption of the bill criminalizing denial of Armenian Genocide by the French Senate the Armenian Question entered a new phase, or more correctly returned to 1965, director of Armenian National Academy of Sciences’ Institute of History Ashot Melkoyan announced on Wednesday during a press conference. He added that the criminalization of denial of the Armenian Genocide by the Senate brought the Armenian Question to political-judicial field.

According to him, in 1965 on the 50th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide Armenians came out to the streets demanding territorial compensation and justice.

“However, Turkey turned out to be sly and taking advantage of that fact that Armenia did not have statehood it led them by the wrong path and adopted an official denying policy. Armenians fell into that trap and started demanding only international recognition putting aside the compensation demand. We wasted 50 years and many efforts while the issue is not even in the recognition. No serious historian that has self respect will question the genocide fact,” he said adding that the genocide issue does not lie in the area of historians any more it has moved to a political-judicial field.

Melkonyan does not exclude the possibility that for Turkey the doors to the EU have closed.

“Turks are a great threat for Europe from a demographic point of view,” he stressed.

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