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YEREVAN. – Armenia yields Azerbaijan on information war, Bulgarian journalist and author of Nagorno-Karabakh war documentaries Tsvetana Paskaleva said at a press conference on Friday.

“Being right and having documentary certification on who launched the war, how the military actions were conducted and how it ended, having historical and legal basis of the truth, the Armenian side is more passive,” Paskaleva said adding that all the Armenians believe that the world knows the truth.

“It is necessary to use all the resources especially abroad to inform the world community,” the journalist said. “Political space is not a vacuum and it perceives the truth, which is proved by the recent bill criminalizing denial of genocides adopted by the French Senate.”

Azerbaijan is making up falsification and repeats it every day. Daily repeating of untrue facts affects those who are not aware of the true facts.

“They are not aware of the other viewpoint and are inclined to trust Azerbaijan.  Hence, it is necessary to work purposefully and carefully,” she concluded.

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