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ISTANBUL. – The Istanbul Armenian E.A. was threatened by his Turkish neighbor, following the anti-Armenian protest in Istanbul which was backed by the Turkish authorities and organized by the Azerbaijani-Turkish masses.

E.A. went to the Police and informed that an unidentified person had thrown a white hat cap into their yard.

“In the morning I saw that it was written ‘Do not remain silent against Armenian lies!’ on the cap. There were caps with this inscription at the demonstration held in Istanbul on February 26.

I checked my home security cameras and saw that the cap was thrown into our yard by our district’s resident E.Y., who is the attorney of those people who earlier had threatened me, on numerous occasions, for being Armenian,” noted the said Istanbul Armenian. He also claimed that this cap is a clear threat against and danger for his and his daughter’s lives, Milliyet daily of Turkey informs.

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