March 23
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YEREVAN. – Leader of Armenia’s opposition Armenian National Congress (ANC), Armenian First President Levon Ter-Petrosyan will form the final proportional lists of ANC himself, he announced during ANC’s meeting in downtown Yerevan on Thursday.

According to him, he was assigned that task during ANC’s extended seating on Tuesday. He called to his comrades not to underestimate the value of the parliamentary elections.

According to him, the support shown to Sasun Mikayelyan during the mayor elections of Armenia’s Hrazdan city was an example of opposition unity. Although officially he lost but the support of the public was obvious.

Another positive event was the failure of the provocations against reporter of oppositional newspaper, Haik Gevorgyan.

“From one side, it must be regarded as a great example of journalistic solidarity and civic consciousness, and from the other side it proves that the government may do what it wants but it is not undefeatable. The fight must never be given up. As it is said, when you fight, you may lose, but if you don’t fight you have lost already,” Levon Ter-Petrosyan mentioned.

In his speech Ter-Petrosyan talked about Armenian former FM Vardan Oskanyan, who will come up in Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP). The first president of Armenia announced that if PAP and Vardan Oskanyan would come up as independent political forces that would only be welcomed.

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