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Turkish Hurriyet daily’s journalist Ugur Ergan had written that Armenia recently established diplomatic relations with Tuvalu to persuade the latter to recognize Karabakh’s independence in return for some measures. And Hurriyet’s columnist Yilmaz Ozdil and Radikal daily’s reporter Deniz Zeyrek reflected on this information.    

In his column, Yilmaz Ozdil recalled that the aforesaid information noted that Tuvalu does everything for a ‘gift.” For example, in return for the amount provided by Russia last year, this country recognized Abkhazia and South Ossetia. And in this regard Ozdil noted that Turkey was the first country to present a “gift” to Tuvalu in return for something, and the other countries learned from Turkey to do the same.   

Deniz Zeyrek likewise recalled that Turkey, in its campaign to become a UN Security Council temporary member, had started close diplomatic contacts with Tuvalu. And “Turkey became generous in terms of constructing public buildings [in] and sending footballs [to Tuvalu].”    

And how will Ankara—which manifested a generous attitude to buy the [UN] vote of Tuvalu—react if Tuvalu recognizes Nagorno-Karabakh in return for money? Will Ankara ask for its footballs back from Tuvalu?”, Radikal’s reporter asks.

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