September 27
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YEREVAN. – Armenia’s ombudsman commented on the open letter presented by local enironmental activists about dismantling the pavilions in Mashtots Park in downtown Yerevan. The activists applied to Armenia’s Police Chief Vladimir Gasparyan announcing that they will dismantle the pavilions on Saturday. They want permission for access to the pavilions and security measures for the ten people who are going to do it.

“Contributing to the work of the environmental activists on this issue as much as I can and expressing willingness to find common solutions, I at the same time advise to step back from the idea of dismantling real estate which is owned by private entities. Such actions may be regarded as contrary to the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Armenia and lead to appropriate legal consequences. I advise to continue the struggle for your believes only in the framework of law. By next week I will present a final legal assessment of what is happening but I need to mention that even illegal actions should not be answered illegally. We are ready to cooperate with the organizers of the civil initiative to find legal solutions to the problem,” the announcement of the Armenian ombudsman reads.

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