October 03
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JERUSALEM. – The key figures of the Israeli Knesset support the recognition of the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire, the representative of the Hay Dat office in Jerusalem Hakob Sevan told at a press conference on Friday.

As Sevan informed, currently the Hay Dat office in Jerusalem conducts works towards discussions on the Armenian Genocide.

“Of course for Jews the Holocaust is an exclusive crime. However, there are people in the Knesset who announce that certainly the Holocaust is an exclusive crime in history but there are other humanity tragedies which cannot be ignored and the Armenian Genocide is one of those tragedies. That is, people have appeared who consider that Israel does not have the moral right to ignore the Armenian Genocide. Even though political mood dominates in Israel we were able to use it in a right way and present the Armenian Genocide to consideration in the Knesset,” Hakob Sevan said.

Talking about Israeli – Turkish relations Sevan mentioned that at first everyone thought that it was a show and Turkey was trying to raise its authority in the Arab World. However, as it came out the relations between Israel and Turkey have cooled indeed.

He also pointed out that the Armenian – Turkish protocols were a real blow to the work of Hay Dat. The Israeli MFA holds on to those documents and refuses to make concessions on this issue reasoning that negotiations have already started and the issue must be left to Armenia and Turkey to solve.

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