October 04
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YEREVAN. – Off-parliament opposition Armenian National Congress (ANC) will raise in the next parliament an issue on establishing a commission on studying the tragic events on Oct. 27 in 1999 and on Mar. 1 in 2008, ANC leader, Armenia’s First President Levon Ter-Petrosyan said during the ANC rally in the Liberty Square in downtown Yerevan on Friday.

Over 500,000 names should be removed from the voting lists who are absent from Armenia. This is one of the bases for the authorities. Currently the number of absent citizens has increased to over 700,000. Compared to the previous elections, the incumbent Chief of Police has increased the list by 185,000, Ter-Petrosyan claims.

“Taking into account that the incumbent President Sarsgyan was elected by violating the Election Code, we are going to demand his resignation. Another issue will be to solve the compensation of those families who suffered the Mar. 1 tragedy,” Ter-Petrosyan stressed adding political demands include also re-establishment of the Constitutional Court having not political but neutral members.

Social demands will include return of the deposits made in the bank of Savings during the Soviet times. Ter-Petrosyan offers to increase the benefits for newly born babies from current AMD 50,000 to AMD 500,000 and to reduce migration.

Finally provision on army to use for domestic purposes will be offered to remove from the law on ‘State of Emergency.’ The ANC leader also touched upon the social issues. According to him, the level of poverty has increased by 12% and makes 35%, while official data claims only 120,000 people left the state.

“In a more or less democratic state the authorities having registered such defaults not only would have rejected participation in the elections, but also would have suffered a collapse,” Ter-Petrosyan concluded. 

Armenian National Congress (ANC) is an opposition bloc founded in 2008 after presidential elections. During the August 1, 2008, rally in Yerevan the first President of Armenia and ANC leader Levon Ter-Petrosyan announced formation of the bloc. ANC comprises 18 parties and political forces.

ANC proportional list includes 119 names. It has also nominated MP candidates with the majority election system.

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