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YEREVAN. – The police and activists conducted talks, at Armenian capital Yerevan’s Mashtots Park, concerning the matter of disassembling the kiosks at the Park.   

Yerevan Deputy Police Chief Robert Melkonyan conversed with lawyer Andrias Ghukasyan and political scientist Manvel Sargsyan, and informed them that the Police will not permit unlawful actions, Armenian’s reporter informs on location. 

Melkonyan noted they are obligated to maintain order, and they have no right to go against the Mayor’s decisions. 

Andrias Ghukasyan gave three days, so that the agency that is authorized to examine and, or, question the legality of the Mayor’s decision comes to fore.              

And after the negotiations with the police, Manvel Sargsyan announced with a loudspeaker that the law enforcement finds it must protect the kiosks from being dismantled.   

Several hundred activists are currently gathered at Mashtots Park, but the police outnumber them, and they are equipped to carry out special measures.

In their earlier-released statement, the environmentalist noted that their disassembling brigade consists of ten people. They are wearing green outfits and hard hats.

At present, the brigade is discussing its future course of actions. 

And Yerevan Police Chief Nerses Nazaryan told news reporters that, “if the activists try to carry out unlawful actions, the police will be forced to take appropriate measures.”

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