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YEREVAN. – The quiet face-off between the police and the kiosk “disassembling brigade” is ongoing at Armenian capital Yerevan’s Mashtots Park.  

The police officers are patrolling the area of the kiosks, so that the “brigade” members cannot approach the kiosks.   

The “disassembling brigade” is replaced by a new eight-member group, which is prepared to disassemble the kiosks, if possible.   

Brigade Member, Armenian Center for National and International Studies (ACNIS) Director, political scientist Manvel Sargsyan stated their battle will yield results, since the number of self-determined citizens is growing among Armenia’s society, and the law enforcement’s actions are discrediting the authorities.   

In addition, the environmentalists are continuing their sit-in at the Park. They are convinced that the police will ultimately give in, because their struggle is righteous and persistent.

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