February 22
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Presentations that spread enmity and hatred toward the Armenians are still being organized in Turkey, and under the sponsorship of the country’s authorities.   

This time such presentation was performed in Gurpinar city of the Van Province. A presentation marking the 94th anniversary of “liberating” Gurpinar “from the enemy” was staged, during which the “Armenians” plundered and massacred the villagers. But the presentation had a “happy” ending, as the Turkish soldiers “liberated” the lands. 

The Governor of Van Province, Mayor of Gurpinar, and other officials were on hand at the event. 

To note, similar presentations were also staged in Rize and Bayburt (Baberd) cities about one month ago. And Bayburt Mayor Haci Ali Polat, who is a member of Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s ruling political party, had noted in his speech that the Armenians were the enemy, and he called upon the Turkish youth to be avenging.

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