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Egemen Bagis, the Turkish Minister on EU Affairs, who had denied the Armenian Genocide in Switzerland, commented on the decision made by the Swiss Canton of Zurich about not launching a criminal case against him.

As the Turkish Hurriyet informs, Bagis announced that each of Turkey’s 75 million citizens would answer the same way as he did.

“A right decision was made in Switzerland. With that decision Switzerland saved its authority,” Bagis announced.

However it is interesting, that Bagis does not know about those Turkish MPs, political and public figures, human rights defenders and ordinary citizens, who openly announce that the events of 1915 were indeed genocide against the Armenians.

“During consultation with the Swiss MFA we found out that while making that statement Bagis was protected by diplomatic inviolability,” reads the statement released by the Prosecutor’s Office of Zurich.

To note, earlier the Swiss MFA had announced that all the foreign diplomats who had participated in the World Economic Forum in Davos were under diplomatic protection. Depending on the circumstances the inviolability could be cancelled but the final decision must be made by the prosecutor’s office.

To remind, Bagis had announced that even in a country criminalizing the denial of genocides he can openly announce that the events of 1915 were not genocide against Armenians.

It is interesting if Bagis would have been as brave if he did not know about his diplomatic inviolability?

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