June 19
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A tragic-comical incident occurred during yet another anti-Armenian presentation in Turkey, which is sponsored by the country’s authorities.

This time the staging, which continued to spread enmity and hatred toward the Armenians, was organized in Van Province’s Arces city, which had suffered the most from the October 23, 2011 earthquake.   

Instead of eliminating the aftermaths of the devastating quake, Arces City Hall wasted time on staging an anti-Armenian presentation at the heart of the city, and along the lines of the 94th anniversary of “liberating” Arces “from the Armenians,” during which the “hero” Turkish soldiers “liberated” the lands from the Armenians.     

But during the event a person by the name of Murat Alpsalaz, who was playing the part of an Armenian soldier, fell on the ground, and he was drenched in blood. He was seriously injured and subsequently taken to hospital.   

The prosecutor’s office launched an investigation to find out how real bullets were put in the weapons used during the performance.

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