July 18
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YEREVAN. - According to Armenian National Statistics Service on January - February 2012, 1.7 thousand liters of champagne was produced in Armenia which is 16 times less than champagne produced during the same period of time of 2011.

Only one company produces champagne in Armenia – Yerevan’s Champagne-Wines Factory.

The representative of the factory was astonished that the champagne production decreased 16 times.

“We produce and export,” she told Armenian

The Chief Accountant of the Company Hovhannes Iskajyan informed that they had a large scale production in December which has not been fully consumed in the market yet thus no large scale production was made during the first three months of the year.

“We produce champagne according to demand, we don’t produce and store it for years,” Iskinjyan said.

However, he mentioned that they did produce champagne during the first three months as they also exported champagne.

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