July 25
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YEREVAN. – All of Armenia’s previous elections—except for one—were conducted with fraud, Armenia’s former FM Vartan Oskanian said on Wednesday. 

According to him, there is noting more important today than holding free and fair elections. “All previous elections were conducted with fraud, except for one [election],” Oskanian noted, but he did not specify which election that was.

He also underscored the cooperation between the political forces that run in the elections. “We have acquired a considerable experience by holding nine elections. I would suggest that, by taking into account all forms of possible [election] fraud, we should attempt to offer a joint solution to it,” Vartan Oskanian noted.      

Representatives from four political forces on Wednesday signed an agreement on establishing a joint headquarters to oversee the upcoming parliamentary elections. But the ruling coalition’s Republican Party of Armenia representative Galust Sahakyan did not sign under the agreement.

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