YEREVAN. – The Communist Party of Armenia (CPA) expects to receive 15-17 percent of the ballots to be cast during the country’s National Assembly elections to be held on May 6, the Party’s leader Ruben Tovmasyan said during a press conference on Monday.    

In Tovmasyan’s words, the CPA is confident that it could receive such considerable percentage of the votes because “there are 1 million and 300 thousand poor in the country, and they have not forgotten the Communist times.”  

Speaking about the political parties’ election campaign videos, Tovmasyan noted their main content is the social topic. And the CPA leader is mostly surprised that this topic is being used by those parties during whose rule the citizens’ social situation had sharply deteriorated.    

And with respect to the CPA’s campaign funding, Ruben Tovmasyan noted that, considering the Communist Party’s dire financial situation, it was assisted by the Armenian community of Russia, and by way of organizing fundraisers.