YEREVAN. – There is an ancient city in the area of Armenia’s Tatev Monastery, under the earth. This city is not yet studied, and archaeologists from Russia are planned to come to carry out studies, Iravunk daily writes, referring to the information it has received.     

“Senior specialist Boris Gasparyan of the [Armenian] Institute of Archaeology said: ‘There is a dwelling place here, but no one has excavated to understand what it is. 

When a church is restored here, first its surroundings must be excavated to reveal the economic life around it. And this is expensive and demands a long time.      

And with respect to inviting archaeologists from Russia, pursuant to Armenia’s law this is possible solely in the case when this is permitted by our archaeology commission; and our director is the vice chairman of that commission, so if there were such thing, we would have known. 

No foreign expedition can carry out any activities in Armenia without the Armenians’ participation,’” Iravunk writes.