YEREVAN. – From January 2012, 32 foreigners from 10 countries have applied for asylum in Armenia, head of Armenia’s State Migration Service Gagik Yeganyan told Armenian adding that issuing asylum lies within their responsibilities.

According to him, out of those 32 foreigners 9 were from Iraq, 3 from Congo, 4 from Syria, 7 from Iran, 1 from Mali, 2 from the Democratic Republic of Congo, 2 from Turkey, 2 from Iberia, 1 from Georgia and 1 from China.

“According to the law, if there is a request for asylum, we try to find out the true reasons why they left their country, whether they were oppressed by ethnic or political reasons, or whether they see Armenia as a new residence,” Yegayan said mentioning that if a person is refused he may apply to courts.