YEREVAN. – Following the inaugural session of the National Assembly’s (NA) Standing Committee on Economic Affairs, Hayots Ashkharh daily interviewed opposition Armenian National Congress (ANC) MP and former PM Hrant Bagratyan. Below is an excerpt from the interview. 

[NA ANC Faction leader] Levon Zurabyan stated that the ANC will vote against the Government’s program. Will you likewise be guided by this logic?

If they introduce a sound, good program, we will discuss [it]. You just recently saw what plans they brought forward. The shortcomings were lot more than the positive. In general, we assume they cannot—and do not even want to—introduce a professional program. If they bring a professional program, we will vote in [its] favor.

How do you assess the course of the [aforesaid] session?     

The problems were introduced at a very low level. They are uninformed of what is happening in real life, and they are compelled to approve.  

Do you see a chance to pursue the matters you have put forward?

I do not know. We still do not have a room, a printer, a computer, [and] any opportunity to work.