Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili on Friday received world-renowned French-Armenian singer, songwriter, actor, and public activist Charles Aznavour.   

During the meeting, Aznavour shared with the President his impressions of the restored fortress in Akhaltsikhe city, Gruzia Online news agency of Georgia reports. 

Separately, Charles Aznavour gave a magnificent concert on Thursday during official opening of Akhaltsikhe’s restored Rabat Fortress. And Following the concert, a star with Charles Aznavour’s name was opened in the Fortress.

Aznavour performed his several well-known songs at the concert, which was attended also by President Mikheil Saakashvili and Georgia’s First Lady.   

The concert lasted thirty minutes, and it was accompanied by huge rounds of applause and standing ovations by the audience.   

And speaking to the audience from the stage, Charles Aznavour specifically said: “Now, I will sing a song which is neither French nor Georgian nor even Armenian. As you know, my father was born in Akhaltsikhe. So, you and I are virtually compatriots. Had my father not left for another country, I would have been in Georgia and lived with you,” Novosti Gruzia informs.