YEREVAN. – Successful end of the Armenia-EU Association Agreement talks will bring Armenia and Europe closer, stated Onno Simons, Head of Operations of the EU Delegation to Armenia, who is attending a BBC-organized course.    

“Signing of the Agreement will facilitate the Armenian products’’ export to Europe. A product must meet European standards. [And] After corresponding testing in Armenia, a ‘green light’ will be given for the product in Europe. As a result, the Agreement will be beneficial for Armenia’s residents because the quality of the goods being produced in the country will increase,” the EU representative stressed.     

Also, Simons noted that the European Union encourages more active ties between Armenia and Europe. The agreement on visa relaxation is envisioned to be signed in the first half of next year. Consequently, the Schengen visa fee will drop from €60 to €30 for the citizens of Armenia, the issuance of this visa will be free of charge for some groups, and the issuance procedures will be facilitated.