A total of 135 observers from 23 countries are registered and 623 journalists from 169 media are accredited in Crimea. 

Michail Malishev, Chairman of the Crimean Verkhovna Rada (Supreme Council; parliament) Referendum Preparation Commission, stated the aforesaid.

“[A total of] 1,240 more observers are registered from the Crimea organizations,” he added.

Malishev stressed, however, that the journalists “should not violate the voting secrecy, not interfere in the electoral process,” and work solely with an accreditation, reported ITAR-TASS news agency of Russia.  

Separately, Crimea Information Minister Dmitry Polonsky informed that, “[a total of] 2,500 journalists from various media are currently working in Crimea.”

Crimea will conduct a referendum on Sunday, and on whether or not the peninsula, which is formally a part of Ukraine, should join Russia.