Russian 102nd military base serviceman Valery Permyakov, who is the main suspect in Monday’s tragedy in Armenia’s Gyumri city, is currently kept at the military base, Shirak Region Prosecutor Raffi Aslanyan told Armenian

“Since the Russian border guards caught him while attempting to cross the Armenian-Turkish border, they handed him over to the command unit of the [Russian] military base [stationed in Gyumri],” Aslanyan said.

In his words, the Armenian law enforcement and Special Investigation Service team likewise are at the military base at present.

To the query on whether the suspect will be handed over to the Armenian side, the prosecutor responded that he cannot say anything clear as of yet. 

“At this point, work is conducted to determine the future steps,” he added.

Permyakov was apprehended near the Armenian-Turkish border, in the vicinity of Armenia’s Bayandur village.

Six members of a family were shot dead and a six-month-old baby was wounded in Gyumri on Monday. The city’s Russian military base serviceman Valery Permyakov is the main suspect in this crime. A criminal case is opened on this tragic incident.