Dogu Perincek is a Genocide denial window shopper. The aforesaid was stated by internationally renowned attorney Geoffrey Robertson, who represents Armenia’s interests at Wednesday’s European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) Grand Chamber hearing in Strasbourg, France, of the “Dogu Perincek v. Switzerland” case.

Addressing the court, Robertson stated that Talaat Pasha was the “Turkish Hitler.”

“We have to live freely, without discrimination and hatred,” the attorney also noted.

The Prosecutor General of Armenia, Gevorg Kostanyan, had addressed the court prior to Geoffrey Robertson.

In 2008, a Swiss court had convicted Dogu Perincek for denying the Armenian Genocide. In December 2013, the ECHR had ruled in favor of Perincek’s lawsuit that was filed against Switzerland. Subsequently, the Government of Switzerland had decided to petition that the Dogu Perincek case be referred for a review by the ECHR Grand Chamber. Afterward, Armenia had petitioned to the ECHR, and it now acts as a third party in this case. The ECHR hearing of this case has begun on Wednesday.

Dogu Perincek is Chairman of the socialist Workers’ Party of Turkey. In addition, he heads the Talaat Pasha organization, which actively fights against the Armenian Genocide’s recognition in Europe.

Photo from Twitter of EAFJD