The 101st session of the German Bundestag kicked off with a debate on an Armenian Genocide resolution.

The respective agenda issue was entitled, “The 1915-1916 mass killings and deportations of the Armenians.”

Bundestag President Norbert Lammert delivered opening remarks, and he used the word “genocide” to describe what had occurred in those years.

“The Bundestag draws attention to the historical events which have left consequences on future relations between Turkey and Armenia.

“Genocide deserves severe punishment. It is characterized as the extermination of a national, ethnic, racial and religious group.

“It is what happened right before the entire world, and it was genocide.

“Our obligation is to bear accountability. The Germans, from their own familiarity, call upon others to face their own history, even if it is painful; this is the condition for reconciliation between the Armenian and Turkish nations.

“The Germans, who placed alliance with the Ottoman Empire above human lives, had their own guilt in this [genocide].

“History compels to remember historical facts. It is inevitable that there can be no real peace as long as the descendants of the victims demand justice.

“Today’s Turkey is not accountable for what happened one hundred years ago, but it bears the accountability for the consequences,” the President of the Bundestag specifically stated.