An RTL TVI program in Belgium reflected on the one minute of silence at the Parliament of the Brussels-Capital Region, and devoted to the victims of the Armenian Genocide, reported RTL.

The Socialist Party of Belgium has come under fire recently due to this one minute of silence. The proposal to honor the genocide victims in such a way was initially rejected for “technical” reasons.

A socialist party MP had explained that they had proposed the Brussels legislature to also pay tribute, with that one minute of silence, the victims of the ship that sunk recently in the Mediterranean Sea. Some people, however, saw efforts in this proposal toward not offending the Turkish community.

“They [i.e. the socialists] attempted to avoid it for purely electoral reasons,” said journalist Nawal Bensalem. “An end must be put to turning a blind eye.”

Program host Mathieu Cole, for his part, noted that there is an apparent problem with the Belgian elected officials of Turkish descent.

“I think this is a real scandal,” journalist Emmanuel Prat added.

The socialist MP in question will be invited to the party board for a hearing. And to end the respective discussions, the Socialist Party will issue a statement noting that what had occurred was indeed genocide.

Cole, however, stressed that still a question arises as how this party could have members who question the Armenian Genocide.