YEREVAN. – Armenia assists in the implementation of education reforms in Turkmenistan.

The aforementioned was noted at Tuesday’s talk between the Minister of Education and Science of Armenia, Armen Ashotyan, and Turkmen Ambassador Muhammad Niaz Mashalov.

The interlocutors conferred on the avenues for the development of cooperation in education and science, and the implementation of new projects between the two countries, informed the Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia.

Ashotyan noted that bilateral collaboration needs to be strengthened as much as possible, since both countries are carrying out education reforms. The minister also stated that Armenia looks toward having foreign, including Turkmen, students.

Mashalov, for his part, stressed that when implementing education reforms, Turkmenistan made use of Armenia’s track-record in passing to a twelve-year education. The ambassador also proposed to the minister that Turkmen specialists undergo training in the institutions of higher education in Armenia.

Armen Ashotyan and Muhammad Niaz Mashalov also discussed the chances for signing an agreement between Armenia and Turkmenistan, in education and science.