In indirect ways, the western nations are trying to take up an opportunity for reopening the Armenian-Turkish border and force Ankara into making the step, Novruz Mammedov, Head of the International Relations Department, Azerbaijani presidential administration, speaking of the possibility of reopening of the Armenian-Turkish border for transporting equipment for NATO military maneuvers scheduled for this September.

“The point is that Armenia has not closely cooperated with NATO. So the maneuvers with the participation of both Turkey and Armenia were planned in advance. They are thus trying to set Azerbaijan against Turkey – they are fraternal nations and strategic partners,” Mammedov said.

According to him, the western nations have been pursuing this policy for a while thereby testing Turkey. “After Azerbaijan gained independence, Turkey’s position on occupant Armenia has been the pivot of the Baku-Ankara relations. This policy is being pursued now as well. However, certain circles that do not want it are weighing Azerbaijan against Armenia in front of Turkey. No matter what we call it, but the reopening the border for even a day – in any form or content – may affect our relations with Turkey,” Mammedov said. According to him, Baku wants Turkey to pass the test.

“Armenia is not overtly setting conditions to Turkey. I believe Turkey will give an adequate response and will not allow the border to be opened even for an hour,” Mammedov said.