STEPANAKERT. – Armed clashes occurred along the Line of Contact between the Karabakh-Azerbaijani opposing forces, from December 13 to 19.

During this time Azerbaijan fired over 19,000 shots at the Armenian military positions, and by way of rifle weaponry, mortars, grenade launchers, tanks, anti-aircraft autocannons, and reactive rocket propelled howitzers.

In addition, the adversary launched several sabotage infiltration attempts along the Line of Contact, informed the press service of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (NKR) Defense Army.

Vanguard units of the Defense Army, however, detected this advance by these Azerbaijani special units, and they pushed them back to their starting positions, also causing them casualties.

According to verified data, the Azerbaijani armed forces suffered at least thirteen casualties and had more than three dozen wounded throughout the week.

Furthermore, the retreating adversary left behind accessories for a special operation.

As a result of the retaliatory actions by NKR Defense Army vanguard units, the adversary’s provocative actions were quelled.