At the moment of being detained by Russian border guards, Russian soldier Valery Permyakov said he “had done nothing.”

Witness in the case into the Avetisyan family murder, Mikhayil Khachatryan, Officer of Border Department of Russian Federal Security Service in Armenia stated the aforementioned at the trial today.   

The testimonies of the witness at the Gyumri trial hearing revealed that the Russian side informed the Armenian side on the soldier’s attempt to cross the border only after Permyakov’s detention, which was in violation of the international agreement.

The prosecutor of the province wasn’t informed at all.

However, the witness stated that even if the representatives of the Armenian side had been present during the soldier’s search, the border gourds wouldn’t have to hand the detainee to the Armenian side.  

Mikhayil Khachatryan was the first to ask the detainee about the murder. According to the witness, to the question on the occurrence, Permyakov stated that “he had done nothing.”

The witness refused to answer a number of the attorney’s questions, saying it was a service secret. In his words, he could answer them only during a closed-door hearing.

Resident of Armenia’s border village Yerazgavors, Ashot Alexanyan, who also works as a guard of the same turnpike, also gave testimony at today’s hearing.

According to the witness, that day he was passing by the border when he saw his fellow villager and people gathered. He wasn’t allowed to come up. “They seated the man into a car and took him away,” the witness said.

According to another witness, Hrayr Maskhudaryan, who is a dog specialist at Bayandur turnpike, they headed for Yerazgavors upon an alert.   

“When we reached, I saw Khacahtryan and a man lying on the ground. Khachatryan ordered me to tie that man up. I didn’t have anything relevant, so I tied him with his shoe laces,” the witness said.

The next hearing will be held on February 12.