The Chinese government plan that more than half of the new state vehicles purchased by the government should operate on clean energy sources in the next five years. Vehicles operating on clean energy include electric cars, vehicles on hydrogen, gas, and biofuels.

According to Xinhua , the government will promote creation of environmentally friendly types of transportation and build charging stations for those of cars . There is also launched a new program on renting of alternative fuel vehicles.

In February, the Minister of Science and Technology of China Wan Gang said that China in 2015 was the top seller of electric vehicles in the world, having sold more than 370 thousand cars . According to him , the total number of electric vehicles in the country is estimated at 497,000 units.

In October 2015 , the Chinese State Council said that the government plans  to build a new network of  charging stations in the country by 2020, which will serve up to 5 million electric vehicles.