BMW  intends to produce a car as a response to the electric vehicle by Elon Musk. The iNext car should replace the 7-Series sedan BMW from a position of flagship model of a brand in 2021, RBK reported.

BMW will demonstrate the new iNext model , which will be the answer to the electric company Tesla Motors in 2021, Bloomberg reported quoting  the statement of head of the company Harald Krueger at the annual shareholders' meeting in Munich.

hus, the German company  plans to defend the positions in the market of luxury cars. Kruger stated that the  iNext model of electric vehicles is for the next generation.

As it was reported on the website of BMW, seven cars will be in their model’s range since 2016, they will be either completely electric or will combine two types of engines. BMW iNext is the company’s new revolutionary model. Thanks to that model there will be new forms of automated driving, the car will establish new standards of movement, BMW emphasized.

BMW can concede the first place on luxury car sales this year for the first time since 2005, the agency notes. Growth of sales of its traditional competitor — Mercedes — in the first quarter was twice higher, than that of BMW. It became the reason of decrease in average car price for 5.9% ( €33.7 thousand).