The Turkish press reflected on Pope Francis’ current visit to Armenia, and expressed its astonishment that the Pontiff once again used the term “genocide” during this trip.

“In his remarks, he used the term ‘first genocide of the 20th century,’ and added that he plans to visit Azerbaijan in September,” wrote Milliyet daily.

In its news headlined, “He added the term ‘genocide’ to the text prepared beforehand,” the SonDakika news website recalled that Pope Francis had used the term, “first genocide of the 20th century,” last year, too.

“Not to create a diplomatic crisis again with Turkey, it was expected that the Pope would not use the term ‘genocide,’” wrote Oda TV news website.

In its article headlined, “He said ‘genocide’ again,” Akşam daily informed that the Pope had deviated from the text that was prepared for the press conference.

And Cumhuriyet daily’s respective news was headlined, “Deviating from the prepared text, he said ‘genocide,’ in Armenia.” The newspaper drew attention to the fact that the Pontiff had not used the word “genocide” in his video message several days ago to the Armenian people.