The US Department of Transportation's began an investigation on driver's death who was traveling on self-driving car produced by Tesla.

The investigation may lead to recalling 25 thousand of such cars, reports the Reuters.

Tesla in its turn said that there take place fatal accidents in the United States one and a half times more than in the case of self-driving vehicles. The car functioning in an autopilot mode crashed into the front truck, when the latest made a left turn. The driver died. The incident took place on May 7 and became the first fatal accident after the production of self-driving cars.

Investigators need to determine whether the accident happened due to the construction and self-driving function. Tesla announced that so far, the vehicles that operate in the autopilot mode have had in total of 130 million miles (200 million km) of track record, and this is the first fatal accident in the meantime. The fatal accidents in the USA happen on average per every 94 million miles.