It is not yet known where Valery Permyakov, a serviceman of the 102nd Russian Military Base in Gyumri, Armenia, who has been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of the Avetisyan family in the city, will serve his sentence.

At the end of the final court session on Tuesday, Permyakov’s attorney Eduard Aghajanyan told news reporters that he does not yet know where his client will serve his sentence.

“The prosecutor was to address this matter in his statement; [but] he didn’t do that assuming that the court would clarify the matter when delivering the verdict,” noted the attorney. “[But] the court also evaded this matter. At this moment, it’s incomprehensible also for the defense as to where Permyakov will serve his sentence.

“As for appealing the verdict, first, I need to get the written judgment of the court, then meet with the client and find out his position as to whether he wants to appeal the verdict. A [respective] decision will be made after that.”