A Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (NKR/Artsakh) Defense Army position, which is located in the direction of the NKR Martakert Region, has been completely revamped.

NKR Defense Army Captain Armenak Urfanyan, and Privates Robert Abajyan, Andranik Zohrabyan, and Kyaram Sloyan had protected this position at the cost of their lives, during the four-day war which Azerbaijan had unleashed against Artsakh, in early April.

The soldiers, who currently protect this position, told Armenian News-NEWS.am that it has changed completely after the four-day war.

“We revamp the positions in a way that we can always be ready for battle, and can conduct an accurate battle from there,” said Captain Hovsepyan.

According to official information, the NKR Defense Army military positions, which are located in all directions of the line of contact with the Azerbaijani armed forces, have been revamped and reequipped.

The respective work was carried out with the donations that were made to the special bank account of the NKR government, and by way of some charitable projects.